Sustainable development

According to the definition of the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainable development is defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." For Pyeongtaek Precious Metals Refining, sustainable development means economic growth, environmental quality protection, and responsible health and safety commitments.

Environmental control

Recyclable precious metals are often contained in tough materials and we want to ensure the health, safety and environment of our employees are always protected.

To achieve this, we have invested heavily in the engineering and manufacturing of new environmental controls to manage the precious metal recovery process.

Our advanced air pollution control and air treatment systems effectively manage our emissions and keep us in compliance with the regulations governing our facilities.

Safety first

Our employees are required to complete annual safety and first aid training. They are trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, including respirators, safety glasses, gloves, flame-resistant clothing, earplugs, and more.Emergency teams are on call at all times.

In addition, all equipment, including employee protective equipment, emergency equipment, chemical storage, machine guarding, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers, are inspected multiple times a year by independent parties.

Sustainable development

Responsibility is more than a word to us

We can handle precious metals responsibly with confidence.Precious metal recycling is at the core of our business.

Professional staff

We handle our clients' wishes with diligence and professionalism.Our success is based on our qualified and committed workforce.

Reliable partner

Our relationships with our partners are built on reliability and competence.We meet through quality and reliability.