The precious metals we recycle are gold and silver, all platinum group metals and some rare metals. Precious metals are the vitamins of human industry. Precious metals are rare and expensive, and their scrap recycling value is higher than that of ordinary metals, so they are called "secondary resources" of precious metals. Industries covered include glass industry, new materials, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, medical device manufacturing, microelectronics and semiconductors, catalytic converters, electroplating, jewelry manufacturing and retail, petrochemicals, and more. The form of precious metal scrap includes various powders, solids, alloy states, compounds, solutions, coatings, residues, etc.

Below we have compiled some common nouns for recycled precious metals for reference


Including gold waste: gold wire, gold water, gold salt, gold paste, gold powder, gold plating, gold and silver waste, gold-containing waste, copper gold-plated, gold-plated soft wire board, gold-plated components, gold-plated circuit board, gold-containing paper suction net, Gold-plated scrap, gold-containing resin, waste gold wire, gold-silver circuit board, gold-containing waste water, gold-plated cable scrap, gold potassium cyanide (gold salt), gold-plated PCB board or scrap, gold-plated connector, gold-plated reflective silk film , LED gold-plated silver-plated waste patch bracket, gold-plated thimble pin, gold-plated flexible circuit board, gold-plated mobile phone board, gold-refunding water, gold-plated wastewater, gold-plated waste residue, COG gold-plated waste, FOG gold-plated waste, FPC gold-plated waste, gold-plated silver waste, gold Silver terminals, gold-plated copper FPC, gold-plated pin headers, gold-plated pcb circuit boards, gold-plated electronic scrap, gold-plated connectors.


Contains silver waste: conductive silver paste, silver salt, silver chloride, silver nitrate, silver welding rod, silver powder, silver contacts, silver plating, waste silver paste, silver wiping cloth, silver solder sheet, silver welding wire, silver paddle, conductive silver Paddle, conductive silver glue, silver-plated bracket, copper silver-plated, silver-plated film of mobile phone board, silver-plated point of mobile phone board, titanium silver, silver-plated LED bracket, silver-containing waste water, silver solder joint, silver-plated connector, silver-plated LED Recycling of waste patch brackets, silver soldering wires, silver-plated waste residue, waste silver glue, and silver-plated circuit boards.


Platinum recovery, platinum rhodium wire, platinum rhodium thermocouple wire, platinum carbon catalyst, chloroplatinic acid, potassium chloroplatinate, platinum catalyst, platinum carbon, platinum palladium rhodium, platinum rhodium alloy, platinum nitrate, platinum sponge, spent platinum catalyst, Waste platinum carbon, platinum slurry, platinum group metals, platinum waste, platinum oxide, potassium chloroplatinite, dichloroplatinum tetraammine, trans-dichlorodiammine platinum oxide, platinum dioxide, platinum dichloride, acetyl Platinum acetonide, platinum trimethyl(cyclopentadiene), platinum tetrakis(triphenylphosphine), cisplatin, carboplatin, oxaliplatin, platinum trimethyl iodide。


Palladium recycling, palladium carbon, palladium chloride, palladium catalyst, palladium-containing waste, palladium gold, palladium water, palladium powder, sponge palladium, palladium nitrate, palladium acetate, palladium catalyst, resin palladium, palladium hydroxide, colloidal palladium, titanium palladium alloy, palladium sulfate, palladium carbon catalyst, palladium powder, ultra-fine palladium powder, nano palladium powder, palladium silver alloy powder, palladium carbon recycling, palladium chloride recycling, palladium powder recycling, palladium carbon catalyst recycling, palladium water recycling, palladium gold recycling, palladium activation liquid recycling, palladium salt recycling, palladium-containing waste recycling, palladium waste liquid recycling, palladium-containing waste water recycling, colloidal palladium water recycling, palladium activation liquid recycling, palladium-plated printed circuit board recycling, sponge palladium recycling, recycling of palladium oxide, recycling of metallic palladium, palladium salt recycling, palladium acetate recycling, palladium slurry recycling, palladium nitrate recycling, palladium catalyst recycling, waste palladium water recycling, waste palladium chloride recycling, palladium tube recycling, titanium palladium alloy recycling, colloidal palladium recycling, palladium mother liquor recycling, and recycling of palladium sulfate.


Rhodium recycling, thermocouple platinum rhodium wire, platinum rhodium wire, S type platinum rhodium wire, B type platinum rhodium wire, R type platinum rhodium wire, rhodium water, pure rhodium, purple gold rhodium, rhodium acetate, rhodium oxide, rhodium hydrochloride, bromine Rhodium, rhodium octanoate, rhodium octanolate, rhodium nitrate, potassium hexachlororhodate, rhodium hexafluorophosphate, rhodium carbonyl, rhodium carbonyl, rhodium hydride, rhodium chlorate, rhodium chloride, rhodium sulfate, rhodium sulfide, rhodium phosphate , rhodium resin, rhodium catalyst, rhodium manufacturers, metal rhodium, waste rhodium carbon, waste rhodium powder, rhodium iodide, rhodium acetate, rough rhodium powder, platinum rhodium mesh, platinum rhodium carbon, rhodium trioxide, rhodium trichloride, three Rhodium iodide, rhodium hydroxide, potassium chlororhodate, ammonium chlororhodate, ruthenium rhodium alloy, rhodium dichloride, rhodium plated titanium mesh, rhodium plated wafer, sodium hexachlororhodate, triphenylphosphine chloride Rhodium, dilute rhodium chloride, dipolyrhodium acetate, activated alumina supported rhodium, diiododicarbonyl rhodium solution.


Iridium recycling, iridium powder, iridium mesh, iridium carbon, iridium tube, waste iridium, iridium crucible, iridium purification, chloroiridic acid, titanium iridium mesh, iridium molybdenum wire, ruthenium iridium mesh, iridium oxide, iridium chloride, iridium target , iridium sulfate, iridium nitrate, iridium waste, iridium platinum, iridium sulfide, iridium particles, iridium alloy, iridium catalysis, iridium acetate, electrolytic iridium, silver iridium slurry, iridium clamp pot, ammonium chloroiridate, rhodium iridium thiourea, iridium Catalyst, ruthenium iridium anode, iridium electrolytic plate, sodium chloroiridate, iridium trichloride, iridium complex, iridium hydroxide, potassium chloroiridate, iridium dioxide, ruthenium iridium catalyst, iridium carbon catalyst, diiridium trioxide.


Ruthenium recycling, ruthenium powder, ruthenium carbon, crude ruthenium, pure ruthenium, waste ruthenium, ruthenium mesh, ruthenium oxide, ruthenium waste, ruthenium chloride, ruthenium iridium mesh, ruthenium sulfate, ruthenium nitrate, resin ruthenium, ruthenium catalyst, ruthenium acetate, Ruthenium catalyst, coarse ruthenium powder, ruthenium salt, ruthenium iodide, ruthenium catalyst, ruthenium trichloride, ruthenium iridium anode, ruthenium iodide, molybdenum ruthenium alloy, ruthenium tetroxide, sodium ruthenium sulfide, ruthenium nitrite, ruthenium alumina , Ruthenium-containing waste liquid, ruthenium-containing nickel mesh, ruthenium dioxide, ruthenium hydroxide, ruthenium-zinc catalyst, sodium ruthenium peroxide, sodium ruthenium hypochlorite, resin ruthenium trichloride, high-temperature rhenium-ruthenium alloy.


Recycle pure metal germanium, germanium dioxide, germanium monoxide, germanium compounds, germanium tetraiodide, germanium tetrafluoride, germanium tetrachloride and germanium powder.

Precious Metals Recycling Scope


Recycling of indium metal, indium powder, ITO target indium, indium colloid, gallium indium alloy, indium chloride, indium hydroxide.

Precious Metals Recycling Scope


Recycling of tantalum metal, tantalum powder, tantalum pentoxide, tantalum capacitors, tantalum bars, tantalum oxide.


Recycling of niobium metal, niobium powder, niobium chloride

Precious Metals Recycling Scope

Precious Metals Recycling Scope

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