Necessity of recycling of ruthenium

Ruthenium (Ru), as a member of the family of platinum metal elements, has a low content and low abundance in the earth's crust, only 1.0ⅹ10-9. Ruthenium was discovered late, so there are few studies and applications. In recent years, ruthenium has attracted the attention of many scholars due to its unique and stable catalytic performance in industrial catalysis and organic synthesis.

Necessity of recycling of ruthenium
At the same time, in the field of biomedicine, due to the high price and relatively large toxic and side effects of platinum anticancer drugs, the research on ruthenium complex anticancer drugs has been favored by many scholars; the rise of electronic nanomaterials and other industries has also raised the demand for ruthenium. In recent years, the research and application of ruthenium catalysts in the utilization of by-product hydrogen chloride, ammonia synthesis, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, benzene hydrogenation and other chemical industries have emerged in an endless stream.
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