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Recycling Sample

Common scrap of precious metals
Precious Metal Compound Samples
Palladium chloride, platinum dioxide, rhodium trichloride, iridium trichloride, ruthenium trichloride, ruthenium oxide and other compound powders and solutions are all products with high recovery value.
Precious Metal Alloy Samples
Iridium ruthenium alloy, palladium platinum rhodium alloy, Pd-Cu alloy, Au-Pd dental alloy
Precious Metal Catalyst Samples
Examples of precious metal samples - catalyst products, such as palladium carbon catalysts, ruthenium zinc catalysts, platinum catalysts and other products.
Precious metal gold and silver scrap samples
Gold-plating waste, waste silver paste, invalid palladium-platinum-iridium-ruthenium catalysts, crucibles, bushings, precious metal coating mesh materials, residues, cleaning ash, etc.

Recycling Process

An honest and efficient recovery process is a prerequisite for business development.



Sample testing

Sampling evenly, send the sample to us to test the content, determine the total value and processing cost.

Delivery of precious metals

Customer sends metal to our warehouse for recycling. We check registration info and send warehouse receipt to customer.


After you deliver your precious metal scrap, we will wire the payment into your bank account.


1 How to know the value of precious metal scrap?
The value of the precious metal depends on the content data of the scrap and the market price on the date of settlement. The alloy or compound content and impurities of different precious metals, market conditions, and purification processes will all affect the final recycling price. If you have precious metal materials, please contact us. We will use professional equipment and rich experience to evaluate for you.
2 How to detect precious metal content?
Uniform sampling Send samples to third-party laboratories for testing Obtain test results from third-party testing agencies
3 What kind of recycling process?
Communication evaluation→Sample acquisition→Content detection→Recycling settlement We ensure due diligence and transparency when dealing with precious metals in our scrap services. We will weigh your scrap on site and review with you the best way to assess it, whether by hand or by melting, and provide you with a complete breakdown of the metal, weight, visible signs and materials we have for you price paid.
4 What is the scope of precious metal recycling?
Gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, osmium alloys, powders, compounds, catalysts and other waste materials. Rare metals: gallium, molybdenum, germanium, indium, and tantalum are also within the scope of recycling.

Service purpose

Although mountains and rivers separate us, we share the same sky and moon. Let's work together for mutual benefit and win-win results! Integrity is the core value of our corporate culture. We firmly believe that lasting success can only be achieved on the basis of integrity. We always follow the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, respect and fairness, constantly create value for customers and partners, and constantly improve our corporate image and social responsibility.

Our advantage

Our industry advantages are reflected in: Advanced technology and equipment: Our enterprise has a professional team and first-class technical equipment, which can efficiently and accurately separate, purify and recycle all kinds of precious metal scraps with high safety and environmental protection. Rich experience and professional knowledge: Our company has many

Global Logistics

PingZe Precious Metals' dedicated team of logistics and shipping experts will arrange your courier door-to-door pickup based on your available date/time, and complete all required documentation, including environmental policies, hazardous waste transportation and customs paperwork, import permits, and more. We will choose the best logistics and transportation plan according to

Global partners

 In this era full of opportunities, we have cooperated with many individuals and enterprises engaged in precious metal trading, major electronics factories, integrated circuit factories, semiconductor factories, electroplating factories, jewelry factories, refining factories and other industries to recycle and process waste containing precious metals. We are interested in establishing new

Sustainable development

Sustainable development According to the definition of the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainable development is defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." For Pyeongtaek Precious Metals Refining, sustainable development means economic

Precious metal content detection

Fairness, integrity, and efficient detection of precious metal content Analytical testing is important to determine the content of precious metals in process waste. Waste materials containing precious metals include spent catalysts, concentrates, ashes, powders and pastes, solutions and other materials with inconsistent shapes and uneven contents. Even small analytical errors

Precious Metals Recycling Scope

The precious metals we recycle are gold and silver, all platinum group metals and some rare metals. Precious metals are the vitamins of human industry. Precious metals are rare and expensive, and their scrap recycling value is higher than that of ordinary metals, so they are called "secondary resources" of

Precious Metals Recycling Process

Our Recycling Process ConsultPlease tell us the name of the precious metal scrap you want to sell, the total weight, and the estimated content of the precious metal. It would be better if you can provide a professional test report. We will learn as much information as possible about these


Waste Industrial Catalyst Recycling Petrochemical Industry Medical Pharmaceutical Electromechanical and Electrical Functional Products Personal Precious Metals Trading Glass Industry Industrial Precious Metal Recycling Semiconductor and Electronic Manufacturing Waste Industrial Catalyst Recycling Expertise in precious metal catalyst recycling: One of our core competencies is the recycling of spent precious metal catalysts